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Happily Ever Before and After

Helpful information from the government for those about to get married.

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Pre-Marriage Counselling

Recommended by the government. Optional. Here are some providers in case you might find this useful:

Relationships Australia Anglicare SA
Notice of Intended Marriage
Be ready for your first meeting!
Download this form:

"Notice of Intended Marriage"

(Can be filled out within the PDF on your computer; or simply print out and fill in with a biro and bring to first meeting.)

This form will be available in a different version if you are applying online. To book online, now, click here".

Checklist for first meeting Ideally please bring:
  • blue tick Birth Certificate OR Passport for each partner
  • blue tick Divorce certificate (for any divorced partner)
  • blue tick Death certificate (for any widowed partner)
  • blue tick Driver's License or any other photo ID (if passport not shown)

Don't worry if any of these items are not available in time for first meeting, but I must see them prior to your wedding day (where applicable).

Statutory Declaration
*Can't provide a birth certificate?
Nor a passport?
Download this form:

"Statutory Declaration"

If you have neither a passport nor a birth certificate, please print out

(Please print out this form and have it witnessed by any of the prescribed authorities shown on p2 of the document; then provide it to Chris). You will also need to provide a drivers license or another photo ID.